Square Bale Flaker

Square Bale Flaker

We are proud to introduce the Hydra FLKR™ square bale flaker.

Square Bale Flaker
The Hydra Bed's hydraulically powered arms load bales from stacks or from the ground.
Square Bale Flaker
All sizes of large square bales are quickly & accurately loaded onto the Hydra FLKR platform.
Hydra bed
A second bale remains gripped in the arms to be fed after the first is dispensed.

Range feeding
This 4 x 4 bale is being range-fed at the rate of one flake per drop 
to minimize hay waste from trampling.

Square Bales can also be flaked in larger segments as desired with the adjustable flaker.

Bunk Feeding.jpg (205495 bytes)
Dispensing square bale flakes in bunks or along 
fence line feed racks is simple, safe and accurate with this Hydra Bed flaker.

Tire_Feeding.jpg (38612 bytes)
High-value hay can easily be fed in 
tires or hay rings with this versatile 

The introduction of large square hay packages in the ‘80s provided producers the ability to mechanically harvest, handle, stack and transport bales efficiently. For nearly 2 decades, many of our customers have utilized their
Hydra BedÒ systems to load and transport these large square bales. In most ranch situations, range feeding of these "big squares" has been a 2-person task, typically requiring a driver and someone on the truck bed to separate and drop individual flakes off to the cattle.

Triple C, Inc. developed the Hydra FLKRä (patent pending) specifically to safely and efficiently accomplish feeding square bales with a single operator, greatly reducing costs and risk of injury to personnel. After square bales are loaded utilizing the proven power and dependability of the Hydra BedÒ, the Hydra FLKRä separates flakes from each bale, the flaker drops them onto the ground or feed aprons as well as into bunks, hay rings or tire feeders. The operator controls the rate at which each bale is processed by the flaker.

To minimize leaf loss, flake separation is accomplished utilizing an innovative retracting finger mechanism. The hydraulic ramping function helps control premature flake drop and the bale advance design provides incremental feeding rates at the operator’s discretion. The flaker is powered by the Hydra BedÒ system hydraulics and controlled from the driver’s seat. The Hydra FLKRä is easily and quickly installed on most Hydra BedÒ models and can be removed in minutes when feeding season is completed.


Square Bale Sizes:

- 4’ x 4’ x 8’ (2,000#)

- 3 x 4’ x 8’ (1,500#)

- 3’ x 3 x 8’ (1,000#)

3’ x 3’ and 4’ x 4’ square bales require platform extension kit

 • Weight: 650


- Width: 33"

- Height: 10"

- Length: 101"


Hydraulic Requirements:

- Minimum Pressure: 1,700 PSI

- Minimum Flow: 3 GPM



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