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Feeders, Dump boxes, Post Hole Diggers, Scrapers

post hole digger, scraper and dumpbox - Hydra bed feeder on pickup hydra bed for cattle and sheep feeding

Hydra PHD post hole digger, use with Hydra bed for ranch and farm fencing

Hydra bed feeder for AG feeding

PHD post digger on hydra bed

Feed cubes, grain, etc. on pasture or in  bunks.

Dig holes in the toughest  conditions.

Dump Box on Pickup truck on Hydrabed arms for AG farm and ranch application

Box Scrapper on Pickup Hydra bed moving loose gravel for AG ranch and farm uses

Dump Box to transport sand and gravel

Box Scraper from Triple c

Transport and dump 2 cubic yards of gravel, sand, etc.

Maintain drives, blade snow, move material or scrape  pens.

Also Available - Toolboxespost hole digger, dump box, scraper - Hydra bed tool box on pickup allows round and square bales for farm and ranch
hydra bed attachments kensi90 hydra bed Columbus, MT

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