Every Hydra Bed® system  incorporates these industry-leading features that were PIONEERED by Triple C, Inc.

Heavy Duty Flush Mount Bale Handler for round bale unrolling and square bale feeding on farm and ranches

Heavy Duty Patented Flush-Mount  Bale Handler

A Revolutionary Idea


Folds completely flush into the floor, providing the unobstructed load space and hauling  capability of a ranch-ready flatbed - Excellent bale unrolling

Tube Wall Close

Half-Inch Wall, 4-inch Square Main Rear Cross Tube

Key to Durability &  Ruggedness


Twice as thick as some competitive units. This allows for deeper weld penetration and greater resistance to twist  to withstand the tough situations that occur almost daily on every  livestock operation. 

Channel Spaced flat bed frame

Full Length 6-inch Channel Main  Frame

Provides a Strong Foundation for the Tough Jobs


Twice as heavy as some competitive units to evenly distribute bale-handling and trailer towing stresses over the entire  bed length.

Mechanical Free-Float Bale Unrolling

Fully Automatic While Unrolling


Automatically compensates for uneven ground and bale out-of-roundness isolating truck and operator from the impact of bale unrolling.  Not affected by oil operating temperature.

Hinge Tape for maximum support for every bale handler

Twelve-Inch Total Main Hinge Length

Maximum Support for Every Bale Handling  Cycle


Alloy hinge pins and 1/2-inch wall hinge bushings provide  ruggedness and dependability.

Fully Automatic bale arm synchronization

Fully  Automatic Bale Arm Synchronization

Simple, Proven Rephasing System

Hydra Bed (upper photo) provides automatic side-to-side centering of every bale  loaded. Non-synchronized systems (lower photo) cannot assure  bale centering. Widest bale grip range in the industry, bale weights  up to 2750 lbs. each. Hinged arm design also provides maximum bale unrolling clearance.


Photo at right of competitor's bed.

DewEze Offcenter Load off center bale

Hydra bed Bale unrolling

2 Year Warranty

We continue to lead the industry in  offering exceptional warranty coverage

Every Hydra Line™ system and product is protected by a full two-year warranty covering all structural, hydraulic, control and electrical  components.

 bale unrolling

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