Cattle feeder, cube feeder - Hydra feeder on Hydra bed for AG pasture and bin feeding

Hydra Feeder on tractor filling cattle bin, cube feeder, cattle feeder

Cattle Feeder, cube feeder on tractor mounted to hydra bed arms for AG work

Shown with HF  Carrier - Cube Feeder

   Shown on Hydra TM 2000

Cattle Feeder - feeding cubes in Range

The Hydra Feeder™ is  designed to solve the problems associated with range and bunk feeding of  supplement to cattle.  This Cube Feeder has  hydraulic drive motor is directly coupled  to the 6" discharge auger, which eliminates the problems associated with belts, chains, bearings, electric drive motors and wiring.  Available in 2 sizes, Cube Feeder: the HF1200 (1200 pound capacity) and HF1800 (1800 pound  capacity), the HydraFeeder™ offers minimum cube damage and positive feed delivery rates from 0 to 9 pounds per second are  provided by the variable speed, large diameter auger.  The HydraFeeder™ is designed to be loaded onto and unloaded from the HydraBed® by the bale handling  arms.  This cattle feeder can also be used on a three-point tractor mount or the HydraTM2000™ and powered by the tractor  hydraulic system.

Cube Feeder, Cattle Feeder, Live Stock Feeder



HF 1800


Approximate  Capacity:

1200#, 25 cu ft

1800#, 38 cu ft


Height and Width:

40" H, 66" W

40" H, 66" W


Front to Back:




Empty  Weight:

403 lbs

476  lbs


Drive:  Direct Mount Hydraulic Motor


Delivery:   Variable Speed,  Reversible 6" Auger


Metering:   Digital Revolution Readout in Cab


Lid:  Ground Operated, Full  Opening,  Stainless Steel Hinges, Gas Shock  Assisted


Construction:   12 Gauge  Steel

 Triple C Hydra Feeder
 Cattle feeding - Cube Feeding in Range or Bin

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