Bale Handler and Bale Feeder

Pickup Feeder on HydraBed

Bale Handler, Bale Feeder - New White Dually Pickup with 2 round bales on Hydra bed HB 350

Hydra Bed
Flatbed Bale Handler

Post hole digger on pickup hydrabed

BS 760 on HB Gravel  on Pickup

Dump Box on Pickup Truck HydraBed

Ranch hauling and feeding of round and square balesSquare Bale Feeder

Bale Handler - Bale Feeder -Hydra BD 2200 with 2 round bales for hauling bales on the farm and ranch

square bale stacking - hydrabed on tractorRolling New.gif (26402 bytes)

Hydra Bed FLKR
Square Bale Flaker

Hydra Bed BD 2200
Bolt-Down Bale Handler

Hydra Bed Grabber
Square Bale Handling Loader Attachment

 Hydra Bed Logo - Triple CThe  Original Flatbed Bale Handler 
 Which Hydra Bed Model do you need?

Hydra Bed Model

Bale Handler Applications

For 40” Cab-Axle 3/4 & 1-Ton Single Wheel (short-bed pickup)

For 56" & 60" Cab-Axle 3/4 & 1-Ton Single or Dual  Wheel

For 56" & 60" Cab-Axle 3/4 & 1-Ton Dual  Wheel Pickups

For 60" Cab-Axle 1-Ton Single or Dual Wheel Pickups

For 60" Cab-Axle 1-Ton Dual Wheel Pickups

For 84" Cab-Axle 1-Ton Dual Wheel Trucks


Please call with your truck's  make, model, and year for optional model applications 


Rear Loading 2nd Bale on pickup in pasture

The Original Self-Contained Flatbed Bale Handler

Load,  Transport & Bale Feed Round or Square Bales

Bale Handler, Bale Feeding - Unrolling bale with cattle in pasture

Pickup hydra bed with round bale moving to feeder

round bales into bale ring off Pickup hydra bed

HydraBed feeding Square Bales in pasture

 Bale Handlers Equipped For  Versatility

Agriculture Farm and Ranch work

HB 350 Hydra bed with trailer for AG work

Dumpster on hydra bed for commerical app

Bale Handler does all kinds of chores

Moving bale ring  and round bale

Green ATV Brush on  bale handler

 Feeder from Triple C

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