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Utility Applications


Hydra Bed Loading TransformerHydra Bed with ReelHydra PHD on Hydra Bed




Hydra Bed with Reel

Self-contained one-man reel loading and transport


Hydra BD 2200 with Reel
 Cable Pay-out from Spool

Cable pay-out at jobsite

Cable Pay-out from Spool
Hydra Bed Loading Siren

Safe one-man job-site lifting, transporting and placement

Hydra BD 2200 Loading Bucket
Hydra BD 2200 Pulling Trailer

Fifth-wheel hitch standard

Fencing  Applications

Commerical Utility Post Hole DiggerHydraulic hole digger/valve exerciser, designed  for tough operating conditions
Tractor Mounted Post Hole DiggerTractor-mount mast option provides hydraulic digging benefits and versatility

Profit or loss?

Todd Hermanson, Hermanson Fencing, located near Sidney, Montana has these comments about his Hydra Line™ equipment:

"In the fast pace of the construction business, that's what it all comes down to.  Tools that are mobile and help to trim man hours down make the difference."

"That's where the Hydra Bed® fits into our custom fencing operation.  Mounted on a one-ton dually four-wheel drive, we can go almost any place in a fraction of the time it used to take us to move bigger equipment around."

"The versatility of the Hydra Bed® digger along with the quick coupling hydraulics to attach tampers and pounders make it a well-rounded tool."

"Since we put the Hydra Bed® into our operation our productivity has increased, therefore generating more profit, and that's the bottom line."

Todd Hermanson, Hermanson Fencing - Sidney, Montana

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