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Model NS J & I Manufacturing, Inc.

Pickup flatbed NS Model
Pickup bed Model NS 9' x 90" B

J & I Manufacturing produces truck beds flatbeds for the farming, ranching, and oilfield industries. We also carry a wide variety of processed steel products and farm/ranch supplies including livestock equipment, fencing, farm implements materials. In addition, we are also a dealer for WW Trailers

The NS truck bed has been refined to include the fuel fill door incorporated into the outer bed rails, which has greatly aided in the convenience of filling fuel tanks.  Four sealed beam clearance lights have also been recessed into the rails.  The rails include inset stake pockets which hold 4" removable sideboards that tuck in beside formed headache rack gussets.  Two sealed beam three-way lights (tail lights, turn signals and brake lights) have been added into the headache rack.

NS 9" x 90" on 4 x 4 Ford

Pickup beds Options Shown:

  • Overhead spare carrier
  • Underbody toolbox
  • Beefmaster hitch and box reinforcement system
  • Recessed rear cluster clearance lights
Model NS
Available Sizes
8'6" x 86", 90", 96"
9' x 86", 90", 96"
11' x 86", 90", 96"

flatbed with bale spears
Flatbed Model NS with bale spears

Truck Bed Standard Features:
  • Headache rack with sun shades
  • Two sealed beam rack lights with rubber grommets
  • 10-gauge formed sides with spring-loaded gas fill door placed conveniently with three accesses
  • Four recessed sealed beam clearance lights
  • Recessed license box
  • Double formed 1/4" plate rear hitch
  • Gooseneck box with full 3/8" plate bottom

Truck Bed Options:

  • Overhead spare carrier
  • Recessed rear cluster clearance lights
  • Toolboxes

Spring-loaded fuel fill doors with neck mounting bracket standard feature on NS Flatbed

Single Wheel Flatbed 

Flatbeds OS Model 

Truck Bed Model OS 9' x 86" B
Truck Bed Construction:  4" channel runners and outer perimeter rails, 1 1/2" x 3" x 14 ga. tube cross members, full 1/8" tread plate flooring and tail section, 3/8" plate box bottom, double formed 1/4" plate hitch, 2" x 2" x 14 ga. tube headache rack with gussets, formed rub rail and stake pockets.
Standard Sizes Available:
  •     8' x  86", 90", 96"
  •     8"6" x 82", 86", 90", 96"
  •     9" x 82", 86", 90", 96"
  •     11" x 86", 90", 96"
  •     12" x 86", 90", 96"
Flatbed Sizes also available for
  •     Super Duty's
  •     Heavy Duty's
  •     4 x 4's
Standard Features Pickup beds:
  • Headache rack with sun shades
  • Rear trailer hitch
  • 4" removable sideboards
  • Gooseneck box with lid
Truck Bed Options:
  • Overhead spare carrier
  • In-floor fuel fill receptacles
  • Beefmaster box and hitch reinforcement system
  • Toolboxes

Flatbed pickup beds  truck beds

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